Thanks to me (Cleto), we know that many times you buy something for your puppy and it doesn't fit. So we put the exact sizes on each product and avoid that something does not fit your puppy.

We recommend that you measure your puppy before choosing the size. The most important thing is to measure:

  • The circumference of your neck
  • The circumference of his chest. It is important that you measure it just below its legs
  • And the length is measured from the nape of the neck to where the back ends

Note: Cleto is generally X-Large with some models varying. And Paco is XXL in the sweaters and 22 in the raincoat.

Finally, we include some approximate suggestions for shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts and rompers, but it is better to measure your puppy:


  • X-Small:Weight 1 - 2 kgs // Examples: Chihuahua, Yorkie
  • Small:Weight 2 - 4 kgs // Examples: Maltese, Pomeranian
  • Medium:Weight 4 - 6 kgs // Examples: Min Min, Papillion
  • Large: Weight 5 - 8 kgs // Examples: Havanese, Sausage, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • X-Large:Weight 8 - 12 kgs // Examples: French Bulldog and pug

For sweaters, these are the approaches that we recommend based on the tests we did:

  • X-Small:Chihuahua
  • Small:Pomeranian
  • Medium:Morki, Sausage
  • Large:Pug, French Bulldog, Medium Mongrel
  • X-Large:Border collie
  • XX-Large:Australian Shepherd, Large Mongrel, English Bulldog
  • XXX-Large:German shepherd