Bling ID
Bling ID

Bling ID

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Are you tied of the typical ID on your dog´s collar? We brought a different one.

The name is completely customizable, you can choose it in gold or silver.





It takes 10 working days to customize the ID. Please include the name of your pet in your order.




The height of the letters is 1.4" and the length depends on the name of your pet. The ID bling shown in the picture (Cleto) i2.4". Please note sometimes the weight is not 100% balanced due to the name of the pet.


The keychain is 24mm.




The ID Bling is made of stainless steel. The material is hypoallergenic and can get wet. The gold ID bling is painted with electrostatic paint, can get wet and does not damage the environment.

The keychain is silver and made of nickel.