About Us

Cleto The Influencer was inspired by me, Cletito, the best French bulldog. The idea came from me to create a universe where people who love dogs can find fun, innovative and fashion products for a better day to day with their pets.

However, my loyal employees are:

 Andrea Perez who was blessed to choose me five years ago. Thanks to me she discovered her love and passion for dogs. Although she always grew up with dogs, she fully grasped what it is to take care of a dog with all the crazy ER emergencies we have experienced and more.

Ricardo Perez who had to live with me every day, and he missed me so much that he got DJ Paco (obviously it's not the same, but I already like him). Then one dog was not enough, so he had to get Ursula and Junior as well. You can see him on Wednesdays and Sundays in the best show in the world, La Cotorrisa (which of course I was co-host while Ricardo lived with me).